2013 Preview – The Independents

By Eric Sorenson. Posted on February 5th, 2013 in Uncategorized



- The Independents.

1- New Orleans

The Privateers are going to dominate the independent ranks and make the rest of the Indy ranks their bitch like nobody has in the history of college baseball.


- NEW ORLEANS (17-27 in D2)

2012 ISR: N/A

Starters Returning: 3

Weekend Starters: 1

Mid-Week Starters: 1

Key Relievers (15+inns): 2


Players to Watch:

LHP Sam Speer (4-4, 4.06)

RHP Christian Cale (3-1, 4.50)



- Yep, you’re looking at this correctly, the Privateers are 2013′s “I Am Legend” where they are the only Will Smith denizen in the Indy ranks that is full of abandon buildings and rundown infrastructure. They come back to Division 1 after spending last season in D2 baseball. The higher-ups at UNO decided, instead of staying down at D2, they had a change of heart and will move back to D1 this season. In the 2014 season, UNO will move into the Southland Conference for all sports.

- Coach Bruce Peddie starts his fourth season as the head honcho in the Big Easy. But there probably won’t be anything “easy” this coming season as there is very few experienced players coming back. 2B/SS Dan Perkins (.234, 13SBs) will be a ringleader. He’ll be joined in the order by infielders Jonathan Coco (.263) and Zach Pohto (.226).

- On the mound, a pair of experienced bullpenners return in righties Kyle Blancaneaux (0-3, 5.59, 4svs) and Garrett Manning (0-2, 6.65, 2svs). They’ll back up Sam Speer and Christian Cale, who started 20 games combined last year.



February 12, 2013 at 2:33 am
Shaun says:

Thanks for the laughs Eric. Several sites haven’t bothered to do an Independents preview. Can’t say I blame them, but we appreciate the few minutes it took to put this up. Too bad an Indy title doesn’t include an automatic regional bid. Haha Enjoy the season.