100 Reasons Why College Baseball is Better Than College Football

By Eric Sorenson. Posted on January 9th, 2014 in Uncategorized

For the past few weeks I’ve had to sit through the numbing amount of college football bowl games. It got me thinking, even though I make my living writing about both sports, there are so many reasons why I like college baseball so much more than college football. About halfway through the meaningless Pinstripe Bowl – another bowl game played in front of a half-empty stadium – and I decided to start listing all my reasons why our sport of college baseball is better. See if you agree.

1- College baseball is so important it is played on every day of the week.

Unlike college football, there are rarely days on the calendar where there are no games played.


2- Want more proof that college baseball is more important than college football?… it takes three days to complete a college baseball weekend.


3- Trick plays are rare, but more epic when pulled off..

Football may have their double-reverses, fake punts and “Statue of Liberty” plays, but the truth is there are trick plays run a couple of times of every game. However, is there anything cooler than having the rare success of a trick play in our sport, like Miami’s “Grand Illusion” from the 1982 CWS? Or UC Irvine’s hidden ball at LSU in the 2008 Supers?


4- Walk ons.

Football may claim to have Rudy and his world-famous movie and all. College baseball? Pfft! There are a number of Rudy’s on every team. With 11.7 scholarships available to each team, every head coach in the country will tell you that he relies on walk-ons to fill out his club. Hell, there are probably a thousand Rudy stories in our sport every year just waiting to be told in a tear-jerking manner at a theater near you.

UCLA All American David Berg is one of many walk-ons for the champion Bruins.

UCLA All American David Berg is one of many walk-ons for the champion Bruins.




5- College football’s “feel good” stories pale in comparison to our sport.

Consider the 2012 Arizona State team. This was a team where most of the team was made up of walk-ons playing on their own dime and because of probation they had no chance to play for the national title. Despite all this they still won 37 games, beat national champion Arizona and finished ranked No. 15 in the nation in the ISR rankings. That’s impressive.


6- They have Lightning Delays, we have dance-offs and team skits.

When there is a weather delay in college football, they usher everyone to the locker rooms and tell the fans to get the hell out of the stadium. In college baseball, we get free entertainment that is the brainchild of the players themselves. That’s the sign of intelligent “student-athletes”.


7- Speaking of, no dumbshits allowed.

Look, I’m not saying baseball is full of Rhodes Scholars, but in general, the grade points are better in our sport. I don’t have solid numbers on it – and please tell me if any of you do out there – but I know it’s true. Just look at this pitiful example of a “Scholar Athlete” for an SEC game last fall…


Over 100 players on each team and THIS is the best they could find?

Over 100 players on each team and THIS is the best they could find?


Baseball players from Vanderbilt, Stanford, Rice, etc. are nearly pissing themselves with laughter. (More on that soon)


8- The 7th Inning Stretch song

Only baseball can have a tradition that goes back to its first use at a high school game in Los Angeles in 1934, the singing of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.” Through all the crappy piped-in music and pomp and circumstance of the bands, at least our sport has one song that will never get old, even if it’s over 100 years in existence.


9- The Left Field Lounge at Mississippi State

Nothing can compare to this cheering section/barbecue restaurant.


10- The playing of “I Love L.A.” at Jackie Robinson Stadium.

And usually it’s after a win for the Bruins.


11- The playing of Frank Sinatra’s “This Town” at Wilson Stadium.

There is no more appropriate singer to sound-out the post-game at UNLV since Frank helped build that town.


12- The warm-up ball at Southern Miss.

At Pete Taylor Field, the ball used to warm up the outfielders is kept by the fans on the right field berm and thrown out to the Eagles between every inning. Yes, it’s the same ball used all season long.


13- There is no halftime show.

College bands are both good and obnoxious at the same time. Luckily in college baseball, there is no use for this ambivalence. There’s only so many renditions of a bad Michael Jackson song or an overplayed Earth Wind & Fire song from the 70s that we should be subjected to. Sorry ladies, that whole halftime thing is like weddings… they’re just for the chicks.


14- College football: No beer at games. College baseball? It’s Miller time.

The number of stadiums offering the golden beverage at their games are increasing. So if you’re going to see a game at Rice, Nevada, Long Beach, Creighton, Cal Poly, Hawaii or a handful of other places which offer brew, be thankful. In college football, there is no beer allowed – which is probably a good thing since football fans are obnoxious enough as it is and aren’t “smart” about their alcohol intake.


15- There is no Steve Spurrier, but we DO have Jim Toman.

I’ve been in press conferences with coach Spurrier and the college football media fawns all over this dude. But I’m pretty sure he’s a smarmy prick. Meanwhile, if you want real down home corn pone warmth and comedy, spend a few minutes with Liberty’s Jim Toman. When he saw me at Worthington Stadium a few years ago, in between innings he said, “I’m pretty sure you’re the one bringing me all this bad luck today. Thanks a lot.”


Of course, then his team came from behind to beat VMI that day. Talking to coach Toman after the game was a hoot. He seemed genuine and of course, hilarious. He was also very gracious for the coverage. Which reminds me…


16- ‘coz college baseball coaches genuinely appreciate the media.

As I’ve told you guys before, in covering both college football and baseball, the difference in coaches is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Football coaches are notoriously prickly with the media. They’d just as soon media get herded up and driven over a desert cliff. College baseball coaches have never been nothing but appreciative of the coverage and love having the media at their games. If you ever see me at a game this year, ask me about my trip to Louisville last season.


17- ‘coz luckily there is no real reason for the media to go to practice.

In college football, to get stories everyday you’ve got to go to stinkin’ practice. In college baseball, with the exception of the post-season, all you really have to do is wait ’til the next game, which is usually never more than a day or two away.


18- There is about 75-to-80% less complaining in baseball.

If you’ve ever stood on the sideline during a college football game, you’re probably well aware that those poor sidelines officials have to put up with constant hoofin’ and bitchin’. And I mean constant. At least in baseball they wait every third or so pitch to start bitching again. And with umpires not allowing complaining about balls and strikes, there’s that respite.


19- Money has ruined college football.

Things are borderline for money’s influence on our sport, given that there’s a $40 million dollar stadium that the CWS has moved to and the effects on power teams’ and their unwillingness to play interesting non-conference opponents on the road due to their need to raise money to pay for stadiums and whatnot. But everything still pales in comparison to college football and its influence of money and the need to bilk their fans.


For example, I know numerous friends and family who no longer will go to LSU football games because the university now charges exorbinant amounts just to park and tailgate for games and of course the skyrocketing season ticket prices, which now include the undefinable “seat license” costs.


20- Mike Martin, Augie Garrido, Mark Marquess and Wayne Graham aren’t being forced out.

Yes, I realize another last place finish for Texas and Augie could change this, but this is the Mt. Rushmore of college baseball coaches and the best part is that these guys – baring getting caught in a hotel bed with an unknown dead body – can pretty much name their step-down date. If this was college football, these guys would’ve been Bobby Bowdon’d a long time ago in that rare occurrence of a down season each of them have had.


21- Mike Martin’s pursuit of the big brass ring.

Of the Mt. Rushmore faces, only Martin has yet to win his own national title. Yet, every time he comes to Omaha and faces the media after being eliminated, nobody has a bigger smile on their face than he does. His final words last June, “I can’t tell you how special it is and what a privilege it is to play here in Omaha. I am truly lucky to be able to come here so many times, whether we win or not.”


And that ubiquitous smile thrown in too.


22- That slow Mike Martin half-stride to the mound

Oh sure, on one of those 90+ degree days and “11″ starts making his slow walk, I can’t stand it. But thinking about it now in early January… I admit, it’s somewhat comical. It’s become his trademark.

That old familiar gait. Mike Martin takes a trip to the mound.

That old familiar gait. Mike Martin takes a trip to the mound.


23- Florida State’s “Animals of Section B”.

The best cheering group in the country helps make FSU the best fans in the country. The football fans at FSU with their horrible “Tomahawk Chop” chant – which some call racist, though not me – could learn a lot from the Animals. And the singing of “Oh Canada” will also never get old to me.


24- I love that in our sport smart schools are national powers.

In football there are no real staunch academic institutions who have reached national power status. Well, there are the occasional uprisings, but never consistently. (Notre Dame used to be). In baseball – and yes, I’ve mentioned this before so regulars bear with me – you’ve got programs like Vanderbilt, Rice and Stanford can be national powers and have a real shot at the national title. Hell, even UCLA isn’t exactly an easy charm school to get into and they brought home the big brass spittoon themselves. Now, if only MIT can put together a program.


25- The Spirits which move us.

I love that faith-based institutions like Oral Roberts, Dallas Baptist, Creighton and Pepperdine don’t even have football programs and yet have gotten to the Regional Finals the last two seasons. Add in programs like Liberty and San Diego, who DO have football, but not on the major level. It’s just cool.


26- I love that Austin Peay has made it to the Regional Title round the last two seasons.

No way a team from the Ohio Valley could make this big of waves in football. Now, if the Governors could just pull a Dallas Baptist and make the Supers… no, make that pull a Stony Brook and make the CWS.


27- College baseball doesn’t torture their live mascots.

No, I’m not a member of Peta, but in college baseball, you get Sir Spur coming to Omaha when South Carolina makes it, but that’s pretty much it. And that’s a good thing. See, there’s no UGa or Reveille or Bevo having to sit through four or five sweltering hours of being on the sidelines in triple digit heat of August and September. Look, live mascots have their charms and yes, some of them are housed in pens that are better than some low income homes for humans, but don’t make these poor animals sit on the sidelines for an entire football game in 90-plus humidity. That’s how you know baseball is smarter..


28- Player of the Year? Anyone can apply.

Since the year 2000, the Golden Spikes Award has gone to seven pitchers, two catchers, two 3rd basemen, a shortstop and a 2nd baseman. Which means the player of the year is open to 100% of the players in our sport.


In college football, since 2000, 12 of the 14 Heisman winners have been quarterbacks. The other two were running backs. In essence, offensive and defensive linemen and linebackers don’t even get a sniff. So 95% of the players in college football have no shot to win the trophy, even if they are more deserving, like Ndomukong Suh or Larry Fitzgerald.


29- We know how to use Jeremy Mills’ talent.

The man behind the curtain for D1Baseball.com is our patron saint for score updates. His website is amazingly valuable, while also being clean and easy to maneuver. For football, he does research for ESPN – and on a side note, actually helped me a lot this past fall in getting me information I need to post for the ESPNCFB twitter feed. But he’s much more valuable for our sport.


30- Do I REALLY need to go into the post-season?

Bowls: Dance of the retards.

Playoffs: Intelligent. Satisfying. Logical. 98.4% less bitching than bowls.


31- A four-team playoff?

College baseball laughs at your silly clown-faced, corporate-run, hypocritical piece-of-crap system… Still.


32- All the great rivalries are just as special here too,

But actually they are so much more special because just one game between them isn’t enough for baseball.


33- The Bedlam Series travels from Stillwater to Tulsa to Oklahoma City to Norman.

And every crowd is a sellout and energized out the ying-yang. Sadly, it’s still on my Bucket List.


34- The Palmetto Rivalry is now three games.

South Carolina-Clemson finally came to their senses and play three games, one at a neutral site. A rivalry at the top of college baseball nowadays.


35- Army-Navy is more historic in our sport.

Okay, not as much pomp and circumstance as the football rivalry, but these two have been playing baseball against each other since 1901. Also keep in mind that names like Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio and Bob Feller all played baseball in one form or another for the service academies.


36- Baseball was invented by an Army cadet.

Legend has it that Abner Doubleday invented the game in a cow pasture in 1839. Then in 1864 a small group of cadets “applied for permission to procure the necessary equipment and play a game of baseball.” Their request was approved.


37- The trees at Toomer Corner were ruined by football.

Alabama-Auburn is a great rivalry, but in football, those freaks have gone off the rails. Poisoning the famous trees? Really? Sure there are some “passionate” fans in baseball too, but nothing to this extent.


38- Georgia-Georgia Tech played at Turner Field.

This should be a weekend series at the Olympic Stadium… well, that is, until that “old” 19-year dog-of-a-stadium if FINALLY torn down


39- Speaking of rivalries, baseball would never have put an end to so many like football has.

Thanks to football, we will no longer have Texas-Texas A&M, Kansas-Missouri, BYU-Utah and West Virginia-Pitt. Those were great football battles and also were all conference battles in baseball too. But no longer. Of course, if baseball had anything to do with it, these rivalries would never have been touched.


40- Spring break for baseball means it’s time to put your nose to the grindstone..

While college football players spend their spring breaks getting drunk and accused of assaults, our boys are traveling from places like Orono to St. Petersburg or Fargo to Winter Haven or Bloomington to Long Beach.


41- Jamieson Winston played baseball at Florida State first.

Take that, football.


42- The student section at Olsen Field.

Texas A&M has the best student section in the country. More unique yells than anything their 12th man could come up with. Plus, you can actually hear what they’re chanting.


43- There is no kissing when Texas A&M scores a run.

Nothing is more unappetizing than seeing the Aggies fans mopping tonsils after a touchdown. How about you cheer your team and swig your smuggled whiskey when they score, just like they do in baseball.


44- No place in college football has a view like Eddy D. Field Stadium.

You’ve heard me gloss Pepperdine’s home stadium plenty of times before. Still, nothing like that in college football.


45- Now, if Pepperdine coeds wanted to make out every time the Waves crossed home plate…


46-  I love Alex Box.

Even if it isn’t as loud as the old stadium. It’s still special. And much much closer to the field than Tiger Stadium.


47- I love that Dudy Noble Stadium nearly pulls in as many fans as Scott Field.

Face it Mississippi State football, you play at a “baseball school.”


48- The right field Beer Shower at Ole Miss.

When the Rebs hit a ding-dong, get ready for the students to let the beer fly. (or in my case, cover your camera).


49- I love that Rice baseball is THE sport on campus.

Okay, so the Owls made a bowl game this year, big whoop. Win a pigskin national title some time in the modern era and maybe then we’ll talk.


50- At this halfway point, I’d invite you to take a break and go get a cold drink or something.

(Yes, I stole that line from Ron Polk)


51- Our sport has Ron Polk.

Can you imagine the deaf ears that a 19-page letter from a “retiring” college football coach would fall on? Well, in baseball, an open letter from coach Polk was universally read and made him a folklore legend.


52- In our sport, Stanford has the most polite fans in the country.

I guess it comes with the intelligence of their fans.


53- Screw it, in our sport fans are more polite on the whole.

College baseball fans have a more sane perspective. There may be a slight exception here and there, but overall there aren’t the usual bevy of fights and scraps like when you go to a football game.


54- In college baseball, the building of a new stadiums doesn’t raise the ire of the schools’ administrators.

How many times have we heard university professors and administrators complain on the money spent on football facilities? Don’t think you get that with college baseball. Or maybe it’s because administrators know college baseball players actually use their educations more than footballers do.


55- In college baseball, new facilities are nice, but not gross.

Sure, places like Alex Box Stadium, PK Park, the new Disch-Falk, most of the Big 10′s new stadiums, the entire SEC, etc. are all very nice. But they’re not the stomach-turning pomposity as the ridiculous amenities like Oregon football has… or just about ANY big money college football program has. With their bun massagers, food of the future training tables, pure oxygenated air trucked in from Antarctica and fine corinthian leather-wrapped toilet seats, etc. College baseball is just more reasonable.


56- I can’t wait to see the new joints.

Washington, Coastal Carolina and Liberty join programs like Dallas Baptist, Gonzaga, San Diego and of course, Creighton in building new stadiums that will put them on par with all the big boys. Can’t wait to see them. Anyone wanna offer to fly me in?


57- There is no glut of bizarre, WTF uniform and helmet combinations.

Sure, nearly every college baseball team now has a black uniform in their collection of togs, but let’s face it, most college football teams have a new helmet each and every week of the season. And don’t get me started on the pink “Breast Cancer Awareness” unis too. I’m pretty sure every American out there is aware of breast cancer.


58- There are no player revolts like in Grambling’s football program.

While there is a grotesque glut of college football unis and helmet combinations, Grambling football nearly suspended the program with a player walkout over terrible facilities and dirty uniforms, among other things. These things haven’t happened in college baseball.


59- College baseball players are much better interviews.

Most post-game interviews in college football are nearly illegible, rife with double-negatives and “you knows”. Sorry, it has to be said.


60- I love the excitement of a small conference tournament.

Where would you rather be, at a standing-room only Ivy League title game at Columbia where teams are fighting for a shot at the NCAA tournament? Or at a cavernously empty MAC championship football game where the winner merely goes to something called the GoDaddy.com Bowl?


61- The Dogpile.

As much as I love it and hate it at the same time, it’s still something that is unique to college baseball.

After winning the Ivy League title, Columbia does the thing that only college baseball players do.

After winning the Ivy League title, Columbia does the thing that only college baseball players do.


62- Our sport doesn’t have a dude named “Clowney” tanking it so he doesn’t get hurt before making his millions.


63- Speed in our sport is more of a mental thing than a physical thing.

For instance, when NC State’s Trea Turner gets on base, you can almost feel the pitcher trying to hold in his piss from fear.


64- In baseball, reaching the post-season 41 straight years is REALLY something.

This year, Miami will probably earn their 42nd consecutive NCAA tournament bid. A remarkable feat, no doubt. The longest bowl streak for college football is 37 years by Nebraska (1969 to 2006), which is impressive as well. But in the 2000s the number of bowl games increased to where a .500 team – or if you’re UCLA in 2011, a sub-.500 team – can play in the post-season now. So it doesn’t really mean jack-shit anymore.


65- I love a good comeback story, which is why I’m cheering for Florida State.

The Noles get a freshman All American in RHP Mike Compton and potential All American SS Justin Gonzalez back after a year off for both. That’s what makes them a favorite to get back to Omaha after a year off.


66- Because we have smaller college teams who play in pro ballparks.

Programs like Wagner, North Dakota State and Belmont, among others who play all their home games in minor league parks with great playing fields. That’s cool.


67-There is no stinkin’ blue turf.


68- There is no Tom Rinaldi trying to make people cry in every feature story.

When you become your own punchline, you know you’ve jumped the shark.


69- There is no Lee Corso.

I actually like the dude. But most everybody I know hates him.


70- Okay, so there isn’t usually a marching band blaring the fight song at our games, however…

Have you ever noticed how much overkill there is in playing the damn fight song? Try going to an Oklahoma football game and not hearing “Boomer Sooner” less than 65 times.


71- There is no preening and grandstanding after routine plays.

In football, just watch one drive of a college game. What’s the over-under on number of plays it takes for a defensive player to make a tackle on a five yard gain and run to the middle of the field and stand there posing with his arms crossed and head cocked like he’s just a total bad-ass. Imagine if baseball players did the same thing after making a throw to first on a routine ground out?


72- There are no eye black patches with messages, quotes or area codes on them.

Besides, it’s been proven that those eye black patches don’t work. The regular eye black you smudge on yourself? Yes, that stuff deflects light from the eyes.

Football players use eye black as a billboard.

Football players use eye black as a billboard.


73- There are no players who cover their faces with that eye-black stuff like they were Sting.

I mean the wrestler one, not the lead singer for The Police.


74- There’s no national signing day coverage… or rather, overkill.

Stupid teenagers and their disrespectful “hat games” they play when they announce their college intentions. These guys get way too much attention, only adding to their over-inflated sense of self.


75- As you can tell in the last few entries, I’m saying that college football shows the worst of our country’s rampant air of entitlement.

Luckily baseball players aren’t that bad… yet.


76- The great dichotomy of the two sports.

College baseball coaches and players all talk about team, we and us, but in reality it comes down to a matchup of individuals. College football players all seem to be about me, myself and I, but if they only realized it’s really about team, they’d win a lot more games.


77- The Davids regularly knock off the Goliaths.

This ain’t no Georgia Southern-Florida thing here. It happens all the time on the diamond.


78- The Davids are given the opportunity to knock of the Goliaths in the post-season.

In the last two years we’ve seen these small conference clubs eliminate big brother programs:


Here’s how the 2012 post-season upsets happened:

- Kent State won a Super Regional at National seeded Oregon

- Kent State eliminated national No. 1 Florida in Omaha.

- Sam Houston State eliminated Rice.

- Missouri State eliminated Miami.

- St. John’s knocked off No. 6 National Seed North Carolina.

- Samford eliminated Mississippi State

- Stony Brook stunned National No. 7 seed LSU in the Super Regionals.


And in 2013 we got this:

- Liberty eliminated Clemson

- William & Mary sent Ole Miss packing.

- Troy eliminated Alabama.

- Valparaiso ended Florida’s season.

- Louisville won a Super Regional at Vanderbilt

- Indiana won a Super Regional at Florida State.


79- No one in college football would accept being called “The Railsplitters”.

Coach Allen Gum and his Central Arkansas team was gracious to allow Mike Rooney and I to dub them that after all the early upsets last season.


80- That 30-day layoff between regular season and BCS title game.

Really? Do we need to expound anymore on how pathetic this is?  A sitting period this long changes EVERYTHING when it comes to football’s most important post-season games. And it won’t change anytime soon…  maybe just a little when we get to at least an 8-team playoff.


81- In college football the coach’s “hot seat” ignites immediately.

You do realize that college football contracts aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on, right? A coach can get railroaded in as fast as two years in football. Thankfully things haven’t gotten that bad in baseball… yet. Lordy lordy, let’s hope it never gets to that point.


82- The North Carolina-North Carolina State rivalry means something.

In football, there’s no fire there. (Hell, in basketball it’s not as big as UNC-Duke.). But in baseball – particularly here lately, this has become the biggest “close proximity” rivalry in the country. Last year, the Heels took three of the five meetings, including knocking the Pack out of the ACC title game contention and then ending their season in Omaha with a 7-0 blowout.. Look for State to make amends this year.


83- The hill at Clemson.

In football, the hill in the end zone at Death Valley is neat and all, with the touching of Howard’s Rock and the run down to the field. But I didn’t realize how contrived it all is. Before the Florida State game this year, ABC cameras showed how the players dress out for the game, then get on busses to circle half the stadium and get off the bus to make the run down the field. That’s a little unwieldy if you ask me. Hell, I thought they ran down the hill from some locker room up there.


In baseball, the hill at Clemson has a utilitarian use, it doubles as the warning track at Kingsmore Stadium. Now that’s unique.


84- The jambalaya and gumbo at Tulane games.

There is nothing like this in any college football stadium – maybe outside during the tailgate, but this is finest stadium concessions in the country. Bayou yum.


85- Washington baseball has a view of Mt. Rainier.

Strrrrraight out to center field, just where that glistening jewel should be. The football stadium has very little view of it, unless you’re on the north side grandstand’s upper deck. So 80% of the newly configured stadium is just not situated correctly.

The new Husky Stadium in Seattle.

The new Husky Stadium in Seattle.


86- Louisville head coach Dan McDonnell takes infield with his team.

Yep, that’s a college baseball head coach out there in his UofL panama hat before the game taking infield from his old shortstop position. College football coaches you just hope they can actually make it out to the field without having breathing problems, much less out there throwing passes or kicking field goals in pregame.


87- In baseball, we look at the weekly polls and snicker dismissively.

Yeah, the polls in college baseball are cute. And that’s it. They’re just window dressing for the season, since all fans and coaches know the polls have very little to do with the post-season. In college football, the polls are everything. Foolishly so.


88- Baseball radio play-by-play guys are WAY more creative than football.

They have to be. There is so much more time to fill in a 3-hour baseball game than in a 3-hour football game.


89- In baseball, the most national titles the SEC has won in a row is just three.

And there have only been three programs from the monster conference to win a title in the history of the sport. I know you SEC fans will argue it – probably angrily too – but I find football’s seven (and almost eight) titles in a row is boring.


90- Statues.

College football school’s erect coach’s statues for winning a conference title. In college baseball we’ve got the “Omaha” statue. Very cool.


91- In the final week of the regular season, 70% of the programs in the country are still able to play for the national championship.

You get what I mean, right? In college football, come Thanksgiving weekend, the top three or four are just about the only teams that still have a shot to win the national title. Next year, that number will grow to the top five or six. And that’s it. In college baseball, the final weekend of the regular season is a knock-down, drag-out to get into conference tournament fields. So, for example, even if you’re the 7th-place team from the Colonial – in last year’s case, that was Northeastern – you’ve still got an alley-way to the post-season and something to play for.


92- Speaking of, in college baseball we’ve got William & Mary.

Sure, the Tribe has a football team too. But last year, the baseball team won a school record 39 games, got an at-large bid to the NCAAs and once there, beat Ole Miss twice and played N.C. State to a one-run game before losing to the Pack in the Regional finals. That’s the epitome of college baseball.


93- Kids can wear themselves out for free.

In many college baseball parks there are designated areas for your kids to go run wild and free and wear themselves out for the drive home. In college football, if you take your kid to a game, not only are you going to overpay for a ticket, parking and concessions, but by the end of the 2nd quarter you’re going to have to hear how bored they are and how they want to go home.


94- Jog-off wins.

Rarely is a football game decided on a score on the final play of the game – “the Band is on the Field” ending between Cal-Stanford in 1982 notwithstanding.


95- Post-season games are on home fields.

With the rare exception of Miami hosting a team in the Orange Bowl or UCLA making the Rose Bowl, football’s post-season is hosted by some crappy Chamber of Commerce. In baseball, Regionals and Supers are rewards for good seasons and given to top seeds for hosting. In college football, do you know how many times I would’ve loved to have seen a shivering Miami sent to play Nebraska in Lincoln for a bowl game?


96- Because we have Boyd Nation.

Sure, college football has its BCS guru Jerry Palm, who is a bud of mine. Jerry also does the college basketball RPI for CBS while Joe Lunardi is the RPI mastermind for ESPN. But Boyd goes further than just offering up his pseudo RPI, he also comes up with a more viable alternative in his ISR ratings.


No offense Jerry.


97- In our sport we have “Mecca”

While the football title game has always rotated between a number of different locations, every college baseball fan knows where their season is going to end – at TD Ameritrade Park.


98- Every team in the country has “Omaha” somewhere in their culture.

No matter where I’ve gone and regardless of school size, they all have some homage to their season’s goal on a hat, their gloves, their cleats, a mural in their offices or the names of one of the coach’s pets at home. “Omaha” is ubiquitous.


98- None of the football championship sites have anything to compare to The Drover and Zesto.

Special shout out to Kyle Peterson for reminding me of this on twitter the other night.


99- For God so loved college baseball he granted it a 56-game schedule.

If college football was so important, why do they only play a 12-game schedule?


100- No such thing as the BCS ever existed in college baseball.




As you guys probably saw, I tweeted out an inquiry the other night concerning what you guys thought was a good reason college baseball is better than college football, here are some of your answers…


- Adam Skit Cutrer wrote:

Not as much about the money and kids care about the game.


- Mike Huey wrote:

Ummm, because it is baseball rather than football.


- Derek wrote:

You can fail +/- 20 times and still have a shot at a championship, conference and national alike.


- Chris Michener wrote:

The playoff system.


- Chris Simonetti wrote:

Nobody pretends to like college baseball… you’re either a true fan or you’re not.


- Lori McClain wrote:

No huddle – every pitch you wait in anticipation.


- Jeremy Christensen wrote:

Because Creighton doesn’t play football.

(Amen brother)


- Ben Jatos wrote:

Less scholarships = less sense of entitlement.


- TR Robinson wrote:

College baseball season provides four to five more times the contests, good for the fans and good for determining true rankings.


- Kim A wrote:

It’s baseball. It’s spring. It’s dogpiles, bunts, strikeouts and the walk off.


- L.A. (of ECU fame) wrote:

No clock. No ties. (theoretically)


- Inside Pitch wrote:

Leaders willing to make changes to improve gameplay, safety, quality, most notably the bat and ball.


- Mike Rooney (My fellow Baldcaster) wrote:



- Mike Ferrin wrote:

There’s a great prevalence of bald analysts. #Baldcast


- Connor Pelton wrote:

Conference tournament and Regional days last 15 hours.


- Bryan Collier wrote:

The experience of the field, the players and the game up close in every ballpark.


- Chris wrote:

Better weather for sitting outside. Not always great weather here in Michigan but it almost never sleets on baseball.


- Ben Turner wrote:

College football is bad pop music. College baseball is up and coming band you can enjoy with smart friends until the masses glom on.


- DCO wrote:

The Drover is a great reason. SEC bat girls is another one.


- Jeremy Tugasen wrote:

Costumed Halloween scrimmages.


- Chris Muller wrote:

Regionals, Super Regionals and Omaha.


- Mike Repavich wrote:

1. Compete for championship, not votes and computers. 2. Omaha: Championship in one place. 3. Zesto


- Drew Benn wrote:

The autograph line for kids after games and the grass beyond foul territory for kids’ pickup games.


- Jason Smisko wrote:

Being able to host a playoff game.


- Jason LeBlanc wrote:

Accessibility. My son gets to talk with the coaches and players direct. Helps his game and his love of the game.


- Lyle Landry wrote:

I can go five times in a week, sit back, relax, have a beer and watch guys give it their all for my school.


- Spencer T wrote:

Rain delay performances.


Walter Greenberg wrote:

1. True amateur student-athletes. 2. post-season structure. 3. Allows mid-majors to compete with the big boys and often prevail.


- Richard Vahle wrote:

By definition, college football prevents a Stony Brook story.


- Guy Rollins wrote:

It’s baseball. Should be sufficient reason. And no one’s talking about concussions in baseball.


- Carl Hargis wrote:

Reason No. 1… Your baldcasts.

(flattery will get you everywhere Carl)






January 9, 2014 at 7:16 am

Damn, sorry I missed your tweet. This would’ve been my answer:

Because it’s not the corporate-driven, corrupted fuckfest that is college football.

Am I allowed to say that? Probably not. Anyway, that’s my answer.

January 9, 2014 at 3:17 pm
Celtdad says:

College baseball makes dreams a possibility to any player to reach Omaha like my son. Having his Stony Brook jersey hanging in my poker room with all the mementos of the run can’t be taken away from him. When He went there for baseball and all his friends said what the hell are you doing, is never asked anymore. Kids all across the country have to believe the same is possible for them, and in football thats not true. His little league team mate doing the same thing last year playing for Indiana and hitting a walk off homer(Chad Clark) in regionals, a possible dream for any player. Stitch, always get great joy from your view of the sport. Will continue to watch college baseball games after his career is done, but this year So Miss,East Coast, West coast games to attend. I’d rather go to a UCLA game than a free tix to a Dodger game, more enjoyment with a game of passionate players not entitled ones. Hoping the right field fans in So Miss don’t mind having a opposing fan have a drink with them, sounds like so much more fun place to watch game from.

January 9, 2014 at 4:57 pm
irvinebaseballfan says:

Good stuff as always, Stitch. Can’t wait for another season!

January 10, 2014 at 10:33 am
Fat Sam says:

if you were sitting out in the heat and not in the air conditioned press box, Mike Martin’s slow-ass walks to the mound (#22) would not have been listed as a positive.

January 10, 2014 at 6:02 pm
riceclass08 says:

Love the Rice love but I’d like to point out that we can now drink beer at both baseball AND football games. Only way I could make it through that freezing conference championship game.

January 11, 2014 at 2:44 am
@bobbrruinbear says:

Great article!
The only major pure sport left in college.

January 13, 2014 at 5:41 pm
bozar says:

I didn’t disagree with any of the points. Literally, I couldn’t have said it better. I’m posting this on some of the fan sites I visit and my blog.

January 14, 2014 at 6:58 am

Did anyone else see that interview of Jameis Winston post BSC? That’s my reason College Baseball is better than College Football.

January 14, 2014 at 6:40 pm

Very cool read as always Eric! If you end up knocking out #33 on your list this year, I’ll buy you a beer at the game in OKC. I’m sure I’ll be there. If I’m not there, it will still be good baseball! LOL

January 14, 2014 at 6:43 pm
Artifex says:

George Carlin already covered this, and is the all-time definitive last word on the subject of baseball versus football.

But baseball does have the College World Series. That is awesome.

January 15, 2014 at 1:15 pm
Fat Sam says:

Hey Stitch, I imagine you’re holed up in your man cave like a groundhog working on your preseason previews.

When can we expect to see them?

January 16, 2014 at 1:30 am

There are some football stadiums that serve beer. Leave it to us Cajuns to drink at an on-campus stadium! Selection is almost as good and diverse at The Tigue.

January 16, 2014 at 2:57 am
Randy Hoffman says:

In baseball you can fail 7 out of 10 times and still be successful …(hit.300)

January 19, 2014 at 6:18 am
Ben Johnson says:

Its America…where if you dream it and work for it, reality can happen and often does…In football, its communism at its finest; phony polls, newspeak to promote the oligarchy and the never ending smear campaign to renounce the little guy…college football is a true oligarchy feeding the blue-boods and their tax free bowl foundations, raking in millions while the players rake in nothing.

January 19, 2014 at 6:20 am
Ben Johnson says:

Its about time for some pre-season articles stitch…we are a month away…the countdown is on !!!

January 20, 2014 at 3:37 am
Ben Johnson says:

Celtdad says:
College baseball makes dreams a possibility to any player to reach Omaha like my son. Having his Stony Brook jersey hanging in my poker room with all the mementos of the run can’t be taken away from him. When He went there for baseball and all his friends said what the hell are you doing, is never asked anymore. Kids all across the country have to believe the same is possible for them, and in football thats not true. His little league team mate doing the same thing last year playing for Indiana and hitting a walk off homer(Chad Clark) in regionals, a possible dream for any player. Stitch, always get great joy from your view of the sport. Will continue to watch college baseball games after his career is done, but this year So Miss,East Coast, West coast games to attend. I’d rather go to a UCLA game than a free tix to a Dodger game, more enjoyment with a game of passionate players not entitled ones. Hoping the right field fans in So Miss don’t mind having a opposing fan have a drink with them, sounds like so much more fun place to watch game from…

Well Said Celtdad!

January 21, 2014 at 8:37 pm
Matt says:

Hey Eric. Great read – and right on as usual. Good to be back on this site.

Number 71 probably epitomizes this whole article. The baseball kids just do their job – and then act like that’s what they were supposed to do.

That third SC/Clemson game isn’t exactly on a “neutral” field. It’s at Fluor Field in Greenville. Just a few minutes up the road from Clemson. On alternating years, that game is played in Charleston, which actually is more neutral, but the crowd is fairly Gamecock heavy there.

Anyway – looking forward to the season. And to the blogs. Get out of that cave on occassion for a taco or something bro.

January 22, 2014 at 11:52 pm
RJ says:

Agree with some of them, but not all of them. Omaha’s a great venue, but there’s no place like the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1. Sorry. College baseball doesn’t have that. And let’s not generalize about schools as academic institutions, either. Brainiacs can come from Cal State Fullerton and madmen can come from Harvard. You’ve heard of the Unabomber, right? Harvard guy.

But you are spot on in many of your points, two especially. The Heisman Trophy is a dog-and-pony show for QBs, RBs, and guys in bad blazers. Compared to the Golden Spikes Award, it’s a joke. And playoffs? They don’t want a real playoff in major college football. That’s where college baseball has it all over their football brethren. Come to think of it, their football little brothers do it right, too.

Nice post.

January 23, 2014 at 1:13 am
Renee Brown says:

Love it!
This former SEC Batgirl approves!!!!