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By Eric Sorenson. Posted on May 21st, 2014 in National Stuff


Okay StitchHeads. Got a couple things to post here. The first is my usual ESPN Power Rankings. It’s just good fun, ya’ know?  Click your mouse here in dive in boys and girls.

Secondly, and this one I’m REALLY proud of… For the second straight week there is only one place to find the most accurate, most-knowledgable NCAA Field of 64 projection in the country: Mark Etheridge’s Regional Projections. As you might recall, since Mark doesn’t keep his SEBaseball.com site updated this year, I offered my site for his Field of 64 projections. And the reason I say “most accurate” is because I think Mark’s projections the last two years have come in a 98 and 95% accuracy. And I mean down to the locations, matchups and bubble teams. From what I can gather, that’s 30-to-40% more accurate than any other projection out there. Eat your heart out boys and girls, I’ve got him here.

So here’s Mark’s latest. Dive

Regional Projections (May 20, 2014)
Charlottesville Regional
Host: Virginia {1}
1. Virginia (ACC at large) vs. 4. Bucknell (Patriot Auto)2. Liberty (BSC Auto) vs 3. Old Dominion (CUSA at large)
Seattle Regional
Host: Washington
1. Washington (P12 at large) vs. 4. William & Mary (CAA Auto)2. UC Irvine (BW at large) vs. 3. New Mexico (MWC Auto)
Columbia Regional
Host: South Carolina {8}
1. South Carolina (SEC at large) vs. 4. Canisius (MAAC Auto)2. Maryland (ACC at large) vs. 3. Western Carolina (SoCon Auto)
Stillwater Regional
Host: Oklahoma State
1. Oklahoma State (B12 Auto) vs. 4. St. Louis (A10 Auto)2. Nebraska (B12 at large) vs. 3. Kentucky (SEC at large)
Lafayette Regional
Host: Louisiana {4}
1. Louisiana (SBC Auto) vs. 4. Southeast Missouri State (OVC Auto)2. Mississippi State (SEC at large) vs. 3. Bryant (NEC Auto)
Baton Rouge Regional
Host: LSU
1. LSU (SEC at large) vs. 4. Evansville (MVC Auto)2. Arizona State (P12 at large) vs. 3. Georgia Tech (ACC at large)
Tallahassee Regional
Host: Florida State {5}
1. Florida State (ACC at large) vs. 4. Wright State (Horizon Auto)2. Oregon (P12 at large) vs. 3. Central Florida (AAC at large)
Fort Worth Regional
Host: TCU
1. TCU (B12 at large) vs. 4. Creighton (BE Auto)2. Arkansas (SEC at large) vs. 3. Dallas Baptist (MVC at large)
Gainesville Regional
Host: Florida {2}
1. Florida (SEC Auto) vs. 4. Bethune Cookman (MEAC Auto)2. Mercer (ASun at large) vs. 3. North Carolina (ACC at large)
Houston Regional
Host: Rice
1. Rice (CUSA Auto) vs. 4. Columbia (Ivy Auto)2. Texas Tech (B12 at large) vs. 3. Texas A&M (SEC at large)
Coral Gables Regional 
Host: Miami {7}
1. Miami (ACC Auto) vs. 4. Florida Gulf Coast (A-Sun Auto)2. Kansas (B12 at large) vs. 3. Alabama (SEC at large)
Oxford Regional
Host: Ole Miss
1. Ole Miss (SEC at large) vs. 4. Jackson State (SWAC Auto)2. Louisville (AAC Auto) vs 3. Illinois (B12 at large)
Corvallis Regional
Host: Oregon State {3}
1. Oregon State (P12 Auto) vs. 4. South Dakota State (Summit Auto)2. UNLV (MWC at large) vs. 3. Long Beach State (BW at large)
San Luis Obispo Regional
Host: Cal Poly
1. Cal Poly (BW Auto) vs. 4. Cal State Sacramento (WAC Auto)2. Pepperdine (WCC Auto) vs. 3. San Diego State (MVC at large)
Bloomington Regional
Host: Indiana {6}
1. Indiana (B10 Auto) vs. 4. Ball State (MAC Auto)2. Vanderbilt (SEC at large) vs. 3. Indiana State (MVC at large)
Houston Regional
Host: Houston
1. Houston (AAC at large) vs. 4. Stony Brook (AEC Auto)2. Texas (B12 at large) vs. 3. Sam Houston State (SLC Auto)

Last Five In: Dallas Baptist, San Diego State, Old Dominion, Long Beach State, Illinois
Next Five Out: Stanford, West Virginia, Cal State Fullerton, Clemson, Tennessee

Picks are as of today’s resume, not a prediction of future results
National seeds in {brackets}
Only top eight teams are seeded. Super Regional matchups are NOT seed 1 vs 16, 8 vs 9, etc.
Automatic bids are current conference leader
SuperRegional matchups are side-by-side




May 21, 2014 at 3:32 am
Rick Rollins says:

Very interesting — I had the same at large teams in my projected bracket entering today, but two – I don’t have San Diego State nor Old Dominion — although I think Arkansas replaced Texas A&M with their win today.

I also think one AAC team would host, but I think Louisville is more likely at the moment to host than Houston. I also think Cal Poly would be a national seed over Miami, though I would have the Canes as a regional host. I’d also have Ball State as a #3 instead of Western Carolina, I think.

Otherwise, a good looking bracket.

May 21, 2014 at 6:43 pm
beewang says:

The Oregon Ducks gonna BEAT FSU’s arse and Jamie Winston and move onto the Eugene Super Regional!!! Go DUCKS!!

May 21, 2014 at 8:30 pm
PhxTitan says:

Good grief. For all the spot on bitchin you do, Stich, about the RPI (which I’m in FULL agreement with you) … to then turn over your 64 picks to Mark E., who does nothing EXCEPT conveniently rely on the RPI as his criteria, is to turn your column into an East Coast/Selection Committee Echo Chamber, self feeding loop. Was Mark E’s goal to match 64 for 64 the Select Comm’s picks? Is his goal to be a clairvoyant? Or was it devoted to DESERVING teams? What game do the talking CB pundits play anyway come pre bracket pick time? It comes across as a GIANT self-feeding loop/echo chamber.

Stanford played the #1 SoS in the nation. All it’s objective metrics were vastly superior to Old D’s from Conf USA in terms of ISR, Massey Ratings, SoS, Conference strength RPI, ISR, and SoS. All except your “beloved” team RPI.

And it just wasn’t Stanford. Every ONE of his “first five out” teams trumped Old D’s objective metrics … except in team RPI. Pundits should profess their love of the RPI as the superior metric AND at least say all the other metrics, by name, out loud, are crap, when coming up with their considerations (not even picks!). At least then they are honestly putting their cards on the table and being honest. As opposed to this quiet hush hush game of conveniently ignoring all the other metrics as if they never existed … when drawing up their considerations.

That said, I’m fully confident the east coast echo chamber holds serve and Old D is in the Big Show. After all, it’s their RPI. And the game is to be the best clairvoyant picker, no? And lay down the tracks for the Selection Committee to follow.

Keep up the great coverage, Stich. Love your love of the game, and oh too rare pods with Roon.

May 21, 2014 at 9:23 pm

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