Distillers’ Dozen: The Long Hard Summer

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Welcome to the worst part of the year to me: the months of July and August. Here are some of the things racing through my mind and through college baseball’s news feeds over the last few weeks. Starting with the amazing Roons, of course.


The Mike Rooney Opus

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July 21, 2014 by Mike Rooney


At the end of every season, college baseball coaches inventory their program.  What are the areas where we need to improve?  It is player acquisition, player development, facility upgrades, staff changes, or fundraising?  The typical target list is quite large so it becomes critical to prioritize these items.


Let’s do the same for College Baseball.  Where can we get better?  What are the changes that are the most urgent?



The Distillers’ Dozen: Our Man Roons & the Post Omaha Buzz

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Knowing him as I do, THIS is the championship trophy that Vanderbilt head coach Tim Corbin wishes he was really holding in his hands.

Knowing him as I do, THIS is the championship trophy that Vanderbilt head coach Tim Corbin wishes he was really holding in his hands.

Okay StitchHeads, this seems like a yearly occurrence for me… I come home from the College World Series and intend to write a wrap-up column of sorts. Then, lethargy sets in and I can’t seem to write a thing for a week.


So here you go – a week late at that – my CWS wrap-up and season commentary. But to kick off our Distillers’ Dozen, the “Inside” of our “high and Inside” baldcasts has decided to enter the written word in our college baseball world. Here are Mike Rooney’s Journey To Omaha notes:


My Reaction Piece on the Supers for The Mothership

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ULL-CalebAdamsOut (Caleb Adams seems incredulous that the Cajuns lost their chance to go to Omaha.)

Sorry for the slight delay here StitchHeads, had to wait until the Worldwide Leader posted this reaction piece to the Super Regionals. Here it is if you wanna check it out.

By the way, I also posted this on Twitter, but the last time Ole Miss was in the College World Series, Sammy Davis Jr’s “Candy Man” was the No. 1 song on the pop charts.

Here’s the one-eyed wonder croonin’ his tune…


Swimmin’ through the wreckage of a Monday night

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The Anteaters celebrate the Regional title they won in Corvallis tonight.

The Anteaters celebrate the Regional title they won in Corvallis tonight.

A few innings into tonight’s epic UCI-Oregon State game I got an Email from my bosses at The MotherShip. “Hey Eric, can you write a wrap-up column on the Regionals and what you learned from this weekend? But we need it in the next two hours because we want to post it immediately…”

Shit. You guys know me, I usually take a few hours and finish columns in the middle of the night. Hell, they wanted the column done before the end of the Beaver-Eaters game. I’m not used to haulin’ ass like that.

But I wrote it. I wrote it without knowing how the end of the game would turn out. I sent it into the people in Bristol somewhere around the 7th inning or so. Sure enough, not too long after the Anteaters dogpiled, I saw that they had posted the column on the ESPN.com site already. So here you go, Click here, but don’t be too harsh on me about it.

And yes, I know I didn’t rail on the weak-ass RPI very much… and I should’ve, ‘coz that fupped-duck formula is what keeps force-feeding us overblown ratings of ACC teams and SEC teams and keeping the Utah Valleys and Campbells of the world from getting at-large bids. I also should’ve included my “Joe Lunardi Philosophy” of how teams with losing conference records don’t deserve at-large bids ‘coz they’ve had their chance to prove they belong in the Field of 64 and have failed. Oh well, next time I will.

Oh, one last thing, it’s pretty late now so I haven’t had time to read through this column to see if there were any screw-ups or mistakes, especially regarding the OSU-UCI game. I’m hoping they fixed everything before they posted it. I s’pose I trust them, since I’m not going to check through it myself until I wake up.

Tell you what. If you find anything twisted in the story, lemme know. I’ll get your message in the morning.



The ESPN Brackets Reaction

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Okay StitchHeads, here’s the deal.

I wrote an NCAA bracket reaction piece for the MotherShip when I was flying back from Omaha to Los Angeles immediately after the selection show was done. But because of the lacrosse national title game on Monday, the ESPN peeps didn’t want to post it until Tuesday night. No bid deal to me, I just wanted to explain why it took a while to read this piece.

I hope you dig it. We’ve got a whole lotta mo’ fo’ ya’ later on this week before June Madness kicks in for real and the first pitch is dropped.

So here’s the NCAA baseball tournament reaction column. Click here.

And by the way, the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee deserves a grade of… um… say C- or D+. Why? Not ‘coz their brackets were by and large bad, but because they still base way too much of their decisions on that steaming pile of dung known as the RPI. It still ain’t fixed enough.


Welcome to Eth’s house. Addictive as a Meth House.

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Okay StitchHeads. Got a couple things to post here. The first is my usual ESPN Power Rankings. It’s just good fun, ya’ know?  Click your mouse here in dive in boys and girls.

Secondly, and this one I’m REALLY proud of… For the second straight week there is only one place to find the most accurate, most-knowledgable NCAA Field of 64 projection in the country: Mark Etheridge’s Regional Projections. As you might recall, since Mark doesn’t keep his SEBaseball.com site updated this year, I offered my site for his Field of 64 projections. And the reason I say “most accurate” is because I think Mark’s projections the last two years have come in a 98 and 95% accuracy. And I mean down to the locations, matchups and bubble teams. From what I can gather, that’s 30-to-40% more accurate than any other projection out there. Eat your heart out boys and girls, I’ve got him here.

So here’s Mark’s latest. Dive

Regional Projections (May 20, 2014)
Charlottesville Regional
Host: Virginia {1}
1. Virginia (ACC at large) vs. 4. Bucknell (Patriot Auto)2. Liberty (BSC Auto) vs 3. Old Dominion (CUSA at large)
Seattle Regional
Host: Washington
1. Washington (P12 at large) vs. 4. William & Mary (CAA Auto)2. UC Irvine (BW at large) vs. 3. New Mexico (MWC Auto)
Columbia Regional
Host: South Carolina {8}
1. South Carolina (SEC at large) vs. 4. Canisius (MAAC Auto)2. Maryland (ACC at large) vs. 3. Western Carolina (SoCon Auto)
Stillwater Regional
Host: Oklahoma State
1. Oklahoma State (B12 Auto) vs. 4. St. Louis (A10 Auto)2. Nebraska (B12 at large) vs. 3. Kentucky (SEC at large)
Lafayette Regional
Host: Louisiana {4}
1. Louisiana (SBC Auto) vs. 4. Southeast Missouri State (OVC Auto)2. Mississippi State (SEC at large) vs. 3. Bryant (NEC Auto)
Baton Rouge Regional
Host: LSU
1. LSU (SEC at large) vs. 4. Evansville (MVC Auto)2. Arizona State (P12 at large) vs. 3. Georgia Tech (ACC at large)
Tallahassee Regional
Host: Florida State {5}
1. Florida State (ACC at large) vs. 4. Wright State (Horizon Auto)2. Oregon (P12 at large) vs. 3. Central Florida (AAC at large)
Fort Worth Regional
Host: TCU
1. TCU (B12 at large) vs. 4. Creighton (BE Auto)2. Arkansas (SEC at large) vs. 3. Dallas Baptist (MVC at large)
Gainesville Regional
Host: Florida {2}
1. Florida (SEC Auto) vs. 4. Bethune Cookman (MEAC Auto)2. Mercer (ASun at large) vs. 3. North Carolina (ACC at large)
Houston Regional
Host: Rice
1. Rice (CUSA Auto) vs. 4. Columbia (Ivy Auto)2. Texas Tech (B12 at large) vs. 3. Texas A&M (SEC at large)
Coral Gables Regional 
Host: Miami {7}
1. Miami (ACC Auto) vs. 4. Florida Gulf Coast (A-Sun Auto)2. Kansas (B12 at large) vs. 3. Alabama (SEC at large)
Oxford Regional
Host: Ole Miss
1. Ole Miss (SEC at large) vs. 4. Jackson State (SWAC Auto)2. Louisville (AAC Auto) vs 3. Illinois (B12 at large)
Corvallis Regional
Host: Oregon State {3}
1. Oregon State (P12 Auto) vs. 4. South Dakota State (Summit Auto)2. UNLV (MWC at large) vs. 3. Long Beach State (BW at large)
San Luis Obispo Regional
Host: Cal Poly
1. Cal Poly (BW Auto) vs. 4. Cal State Sacramento (WAC Auto)2. Pepperdine (WCC Auto) vs. 3. San Diego State (MVC at large)
Bloomington Regional
Host: Indiana {6}
1. Indiana (B10 Auto) vs. 4. Ball State (MAC Auto)2. Vanderbilt (SEC at large) vs. 3. Indiana State (MVC at large)
Houston Regional
Host: Houston
1. Houston (AAC at large) vs. 4. Stony Brook (AEC Auto)2. Texas (B12 at large) vs. 3. Sam Houston State (SLC Auto)

Last Five In: Dallas Baptist, San Diego State, Old Dominion, Long Beach State, Illinois
Next Five Out: Stanford, West Virginia, Cal State Fullerton, Clemson, Tennessee

Picks are as of today’s resume, not a prediction of future results
National seeds in {brackets}
Only top eight teams are seeded. Super Regional matchups are NOT seed 1 vs 16, 8 vs 9, etc.
Automatic bids are current conference leader
SuperRegional matchups are side-by-side



My ESPN Preview, My New Favorite Player in College Baseball and other things of note from the SWAC Tournament

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Before I get to my couple of hours at the SWAC tournament, here’s my weekend preview for ESPN, which focuses on the “It’s Now or Never” teams. Click your mouse here.


The Return of Mark Etheridge.

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That’s right, only one place has the writing skills of SEBaseball’s Mark Etheridge, and it’s HERE.

(I know, most of you are saying “Finally, a GOOD writer is on College Baseball Today’s site.”)

In a deal I made with the college baseball writer extraordinaire before the season, I told him that since he wasn’t going to be doing his SEBaseball.com site this season, anytime he got this itch to write something and wanted an outlet, he’d have a home here with me.


The Latest Bald Rankings and a PowerCast… er, I mean, the latest Power Rankings and a BaldCast

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Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 10.01.20 PM

First off, here’s the ESPN Power Rankings for this week…

Click your mouse here.

Now, as if that isn’t enough for you lucky souls, here’s the latest Baldcast from Mike Rooney and I: